The 3rd Biennial
Cultural Rhetorics Conference

Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan, USA
November 15 – November 17, 2018

The 2018 Conference Program is now available in draft form. If you see any errors in titles or names, please contact the Cultural Rhetorics team at

Want to contribute to the ongoing conversations in cultural rhetorics? Join us! Registration is now open! 


The Cultural Rhetorics Conference showcases work that centers cultural rhetorics scholarly, pedagogical, creative and community practices in the form of scholarly presentations (individual and group), creative performances, artistic installations, roundtables, workshops, knowledge-shares, making demonstrations, posters, and more!

Come and witness work from scholars, teachers, writers, artists, activists, performers, and tradition-bearers who contribute to, define, expand, illustrate, or embody the field of cultural rhetorics and join our intellectual community.

If you have questions, check out the Cultural Rhetorics Consortium website, or email us at

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!
Malea Powell, Andrea Riley Mukavetz , Gwendolyn Pough, Jill McKay Chrobak, Dora Ramirez